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(some hipster Indian)

If your in California today, the chances of you being unequivocally amazed by the presence of rain, are pretty high.  Once again nature has decided to grace our state with some showers.  Now I think this is great for one, because realizing that this is possibly the worst our winter weather will get reassures my happiness living in California however brings slight guilt as I get comfortable in my cozy warm Snuggy while I watch the rest of the nation struggle to defrost themselves on television.  But, I love the rain.

Because I have so much time for myself when it rains, I tend to have a lot of productive days, well usually.  I usually make a really awesome playlist full of what I deem as “Perfect Rain Music”, which usually consist of mellow to upbeat artists that usually put me in a nostalgic trance of some sort… Then I cook.  And do I cook.  I cook like a mad man, I feel like some of the best dishes I’ve ever made have been cooked in the rain… Well not literally in the rain, I mean could you imagine the taste of soggy pan fried crab cakes in a garlic aioli sauce laid next to bed of fresh arugula salad mixed around a perfectly cooked poached egg, so wrong I know.  I usually follow the cooking up by jamming out on my guitars and piano trying come up with super un-mainstream indie songs, which I often tend to title with exceedingly nonchalant song names like “Fish Talk” or something like that.  Then after that I usually get all angst and feel the need to get out, which usually ends in me running around in the rain.

Lets make this clear. I did none of that today.

I slept like a fat kid who just ate a giant piece of cake too big for his stomach, in which he instantaneously fell into a food coma. I did put on some sweet music through out the day though.

But, tomorrow I plan on doing all those things I mentioned. Now what I am super eager to do is to convince my friends to come outside and run around with me sparsely clothed with colorful Native American bathtub crayon markings all over ourselves doing rain dances of the Cree. Yeah, Cree was the first tribe I could think of, probably because I just watched Legends of the Fall like a few hours ago.

Check out Boy & Bear’s music video to Rabbit Song, I really dig the Native American theme.


(Possibly the cutest girl who likes cats and rocking chairs)

You know those moments when you see a person walking ahead of you and you both make a little eye contact.  Then as you get closer you feel yourself preparing to pass them.  Whether its a slight shrug or a flirtatious glance you already subconsciously know exactly how you’ll act when you pass each other. Now generally two people who have never met before usually pass each other with no emotion, no glance, no effect on one another, but to only quickly move on from any form of interaction.  But, when two people pass each other who are even slightly attracted to one another, the playing field slightly changes.  In this case as one person approaches the other there is a sense of anxiety that builds whether they are aware of it or not.

Now my latest observation around school has brought me to the conclusion that everyday on campus we pass people that we find ourselves attracted to.  I’ve been at this school for four years now and believe me, every day.  Now in these brief moments people often tend to look away while still far from the person of enamor, then as they get closer, slip a passing glance at one another right before they pass.  Now almost every instance this happens I think to myself, why do we constantly pass people we deem attractive with so little emotion.

It’s amazing how much of a difference even the smallest smile can make.  Lately I have been trying to make the most of these everyday moments by  making an effort in showing the other person that, hey I think your attractive and I acknowledge that, rather than these curious quick glances that we all make.  Now don’t get me wrong it’s not like I’m walking around campus like a creep of a student with a stupid grin on his face trying to make eye contact with every passing girl…  All I’m saying is to go out there and stay loose and keep your mind open, because even the smallest gesture can make a difference.  Trust me, it works for me.  It’s been a good week.

Oh hey, I don’t know if this video is relevant, but heres a video of quick glances. Actually its a video of a girl who put a camera on her butt and recorded all the people staring at her patooty.  Some of the reactions are priceless.

Today is Valentines Day, which means nothing to me except buy Mom and Grandma some flowers.  Like the many romantic saps out buying chocolate covered roses, fellow students at my college have decided to celebrate their enamor for affection just like everyone else.  Everyone seemed so original today with their Be Mine plush sized teddy bears and chocolate heart shaped boxes of delight.  Now if you could only imagine the parade of balloons and bouquets of flowers I had to walk through just to get to class today.  It was a sea of infatuation.  I mean 70% of the time thats what it all really comes down to, infatuation.  I remember the good ol days when you were stoked to get a Power Rangers Valentines Day card and that was enough to keep you chipper for weeks.  I see times have changed.

Genius at Work:

So today I was struck by a genius idea for a new blog/sitcom that I will begin writing in the next couple of days.  I’m going to withhold from the details of what it will be about, but I promise you it will be entertaining to say the least.  Just think shit my dad says meets very un-mainstream ideas clashed by a vendetta of intervention and revival.  Sounds interesting huh?

Now onto some thought on music…

Grammy Reflections:

Upon watching the Grammy’s I once again confirm that all of Mumford and Sons songs sound very very similar. Almost identical.  Also that Lady Gaga looked tragically like a baby breaking out of her placenta… yeah gross. Possible political statement??? Na, she’s not that smart.  Oh yeah and Justin Bieber come back to the Grammy’s when your balls drop, just sayin…  But, my main problem with the Grammy’s this year was the lack of a nomination to Kings of Leon for Album of the Year.  I have no idea how they were passed up.  I mean Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs was an amazing album however, KOL’s Come Around Sundown was brilliantly done.  Some might even go out and say their latest album bridges a gaps between generations of young and old.  Or maybe I just really like their new album.

Here are 3 of my favorite songs from Come Around Sundown. The second video is an interview about my favorite song on the album, Back Down South. Check it out.

Recently I find myself extremely busy. And not overwhelmingly busy from one particular thing like school, but generally everything. Lets take a look at an ultra time consumed lifestyle. For starters, I’m pseudo moving to Toronto which is takes up a lot of my effort packing. School is picking up like crazy, but nothing I can’t handle. I have been making a goal to keep trying to write new song lyrics, which has been progressing. Yesterday i wrote a really good song lyrically about bad kissers. Research the one good screenplay idea I have about drug smuggling Spanish teachers. Party like a champ. Exercise everyday and try not to puke every time I run stairs. Also I keep making these spur of the moment decisions to leave town for the weekend, to places like LA, SF and Tijuana. Ok, so maybe not Tijuana. So I’ll stop whining now…


On another note. In two weeks I’ll be drivig up to San Fran to visit the sister, who also surprised me by getting tickets to Best Coast for that weekend. So I’m really pumped for that, the lead singer is a pretty attractive redhead and good singer… From what I remember.


Oh yeah, I got a new truck!
Now let me describe it to you via an inappropriate joke..
What’s big and red and pretty much goes through anything??
My truck silly!
So since I’ve got it I’m starting to learn to drive slower, which is good for me however contradictory to the title of this post.


Oh yeah I’m selling a few things because of the move, take a gander and holler if your interested:
7’6″ yellow surfboard
32 inch HD tv
My fix gear bike, I think I’m growing out of my hipster phase
And my micro korg (that’s a synthesizer invade you had no idea)


So yeah that’s it I better shut up and go to bed because I’ve been up all night watching the Grammys and working on art projects.

Oh and since I know Arcade Fire personally reads my blog, I want to say congratulations on their big win.



No not really.

If you haven’t seen the the Coen Brothers modern day take on the classic western film, True Grit, you are seriously failing.  Yes, the 8 or 10 dollar movie ticket price is kind of a pain in the patootie.  Now hold on a second, lets not kid yourself, that 8 dollar drink you bought last weekend downtown, while having some sweaty, late late twenties, slightly balding guy grind up on you, could have been an 8 dollars better spent.  So I highly encourage you to go see some movie magic because this one was well worth it.

Now, one who possesses True Grit is by definition: one with unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger .  It would be too brash to say that the Coen brothers exemplified true grit by remaking this John Wayne classic, but it would be appropriate to say that it took alot of gusto to remake this movie and do it justice.  I can easily say that the directing brother duo hit the game winning home run on this one.  Their version is amazingly better and much more well written than the original.  And must I say that Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld both had amazing performances.  Now lets hope that the Academy doesn’t screw over the young Hailee Steinfeld from an Oscar win, remember Titanic and Leonardo DiCaprio’s non existent Oscar nomination. Anyways go see the movie! Oh and heres a video that compares the original True Grit to the Coen brothers adaptation. Enjoy!

There are not a whole lot of things I can say about really obliviously tan people.  Now when I mean obliviously tan, I am referring to so tan that a orangutan would find you and want to possibly rape you as you walk the streets.  On second thought, I just realized orangutans are more ginger and hairy… bad analogy.  Any who, I have come across my fair share of tan people and lets not kid, I have myself a decent tan, however I see it being more golden than anything.  But, there is always an extreme to everything and lately I have been one to witness.  Now lets evaluate the following tan people I have come to categorized in the past week or so.


#1 Old hag tan lady whos skin decided to dehydrate and turn into beef jerky

#2 Hot European women who tan so much that they dont realize that the makeup they wear doesnt match their boobs. [Euros tan topless, usually(hence the boobs)]

#3 American women who care too much about tanning, sometimes hot.  (in this case no)

#4 Dudes who don’t realize they have a farmers tan yet insist to not wear a shirt.

Learn from your Dad, son.

and lastly

#5 Moderate tanners who know when enough sun is enough.  Oh yeah, and sunless tanners(tanning lotion) don’t have souls so they wont be mentioned.

If you find yourself falling into any category other than #5 please re-evaluate your UV intake, thanks.



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