Canadian Music Taste…. BARF

Just another day in the great white north. Today the high was up from yesterday by a whopping whole 1 degree! At 30 degrees F with a constant wind chill, you begin to forget what cold is.  You begin to understand why everyone walking around the city has no facial expression at all.  Well it’s quite simple you see, it’s because their faces are near frozen in place.  One thing I dont understand is how all these Canadian women still manage to come out at night in short dresses and skirts when it’s near the low 20s.  Some cougars just need to stay in the hunt I suppose.

I did a lot of walking today up and down Queen Street West, which I was told was the hipster of hip streets in Toronto.  Pretty interesting atmosphere.  An eclectic area of the city outlined by chinatown.  There were all kinds of stores varying from the latest fashion and vintage boutiques to used record stores and bike shops.  Now for some reason every city I travel to I always end up at the same clothing store sometimes by choice, but most times by chance.  Urban Outfitters.  The store for some reason has some kind of magnetic pull on me.  Regardless if I want to buy something or not I always end up going in to at least read a book about poop or something.

Now last night was the Juno Awards.  I was pretty darn excited about this one, because Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene were performing and downtown Toronto was coming alive.  Little did I know that Canadians have the worst musical taste ever.  Dont get me wrong there have been great recent names coming out of the land of canucks and maple milkers such as: Metric, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Young Liars, Caribou, but this awards show was beyond terrible.  Almost every performance was by some half famous band or singer that no one has ever heard of or was on the down slope of their career and was droningly boring.  Broken Social Scene lulled me to sleep.  Arcade Fire performed near the end and played “Rococo” it was just… ok, which was fine because it was a million times better than hearing the horrid sounds of Down with Webster perform.  Drake was hosting and he tried to be a cheap comedic version of every single host of the Grammy’s for the past five years. He lost my attention somewhere between him hitting on Shania Twain and him making an ass of himself about how he lost a Grammy to Arcade Fire.  All in all it was an experience worth noting.  There is a reason Canadians do as they do… I have yet to figure that one out, but I’ll let you know when I do.

Some music for ya:


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