Canadian Bacon

In case you dont already know, but I just so happen to be in Toronto visiting the fam and hitting up the Juno Awards aka Canadian Grammy’s.  The Juno Awards are being hosted by none other than Canada’s most talented rapper since white reggae hip hop phenom Snow.  Yeah thats right Drake is hosting the Juno Awards or aka Jimmy, the rapping kid/basketball phenom who gets shot and put into a wheelchair then struggles with having one of the hottest girlfriends on the show because he cant get his penis erect…. on Degrassi. Yeah no joke Canadian television for ya.

Dont believe me?

See? Wheelchair and Penis, Boom!

Anyways, Toronto has been chill, literally I’m nearly freezing to death.  It’s like 24 degrees F on average, but there is a wind factor which makes it feel like 15.  I swear my ears freeze so bad I swear they are going to fall off my head.

It’s a pretty interesting city.  I have yet to develop a full understanding of life here, but I am starting to see the potential it possesses.  I could have sworn I saw Win Butler(American), aka lead singer of Arcade Fire(Canadian), walking around St.Lawrence Farmers Market, it was either him buying organic gluten free loaves of sourdough or some dude with the exact same half shaven comb over hair cut.

Check the haircut:

The guy from Fifth Element diggs it:

Maybe going for an Elvis thing:

So tomorrow I am going to check out a vintage record store, a castle, Lee’s Palace from Scott Pilgrim. Not in that order.  It should be a fun day.

Hit it SNOW!


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