Vintage is New… Again

(Random picture of Johnny Depp? Keep reading and you’ll see the connection.)

I am a big fan of things old. Well not all things old. I mean it’s not like I enjoy the fact that I so happen to get hit on by old cougars every time, yes every time, I go out to a bar, but more or less vintage clothing and such.  The past couple of days I had landed my hands on some really awesome authentic Levi’s denim shirts from the 80’s or commonly referred to by some as “The Boyfriend Shirt”.  My parents are moving to the land of the maple leafs and really ridiculously attractive people; Rachel McAdams and Ryan Reynolds to name a few.  So when my Dad first said “Hey I have some clothes you might be interested in” I was very reluctant at first to even exercise the notion, probably because I was expecting some ridiculous Bill Cosby sweater.  On second thought, that would be pretty neat to have,  but little did I know he was going to hand me four or five vintage worn Levi’s button downs circa 1985.  Now I should have realized that he was holding on to some kind of trendy clothing from that era. I mean, the man was a 80’s punker turn 90’s hipster, so yeah I guess he’s an OH (Original Hipster?) It was almost if the shirts had instantaneously turned up from the Madonna era based by the smell of old Polo cologne that was fuming from the threads.  Needless to say I’m pretty stoked on the hand me down from the Pops. I guess you can call me Denim Dan… err… Mitch.

Continuing on with this old things subject, I recently have started an art project for school where we create our own architectural rendering of famous buildings. I decided to pick the Eastern Colombia Building in downtown Los Angeles, which is this amazing Art Deco building from the 1930’s.  The thing I like the most about the building is the fact that its exterior is covered in turquoise tiles.  I’m not sure, but I also think I read somewhere that an unknown buyer named Johnny Depp purchased the building not too long ago? Interesting. I think I’ll be heading up to LA soon to take some shots of the building and also making a stop at my favorite Bratwurst and Beer joint just down the street, Wurstküche or as we like to jokingly call it “Worst Cooch”.  Yeah I know, real mature.

(Do you see the connection now?)

And this is the Eastern Columbia Building, check it out if you’re ever in LA.

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  1. caitlin said:

    jesus saves

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