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So about a couple of months ago I mentioned this band Gypsy & The Cat.  The newest sensation out of the land down under to get some serious attention.  Well they finally released a video for their hit song “Jona Vark”.  They have this 80’s synth sound accompanied by harmonious lyrics.

Check out this article on their rise to success.


So yesterday I was leaving school and I put on some tunes and Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” came on.  Coincidentally I drove pass one of the dorm structures with my windows down and they apparently had some kind of BBQ thing going on.  With one faint whiff I instantly fell into the smells of childhood.  Now my childhood, specifically around the age 4-7, growing up in the beach town of Coronado was probably one of the most amazing childhoods a Southern Californian could ask for.  The smell brought me back when my parents and I would walk out our house, cross the street and BBQ on the beaches.  We would spend all day in the water and sand in our post 80’s beach wear, then run back for a hot dog or BBQ, then do it all over again.  It wouldn’t be strange to find me all tuckered out by the end of the day with a fruit punch mustache and sand on my face while watching the sunset.  By far one of my favorite memories of being a child.  The accompanying of Arcade Fire’s amazing song to my in car flashback definitely put a smile on my face all the way home.

Oh yeah another thing.  Coachella sold out and I didn’t get a ticket. Did I mention Arcade Fire is headlining.

And incase you didn’t know.  Spike Jonze directed the music video for Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”.  Its amazing how much of this video reminds me of other parts of my childhood.  Even the part of helicopters are flying over head and living around some kind of military controlled neighborhood.


Yesterday I went to Disneyland and California Adventure.  I was probably 14 or 15 or so since the last time I have been there.  Now this visit was unlike any other trip to the land of Disney.  My awesome Mom has the hookups for Club 33, which is a super private Disney Club and Restaurant that takes 10 to 15 years to become a member and it isn’t cheap either.  A little history lesson I learned while there, Club 33 was Walt Disney’s private living quarters at the park since the first day it opened.  When Walt died and his park home was converted to Club 33 in 1967, a fine dining restaurant in the heart of the New Orleans Square at Disneyland.  So after a day of reliving my childhood and going on a bunch of rides which I remembered as being much funner, but still awesome nonetheless, I was starving and ready to chow down.  So for dinner you have to dress up, which means no shorts, jeans and etc.  So we all had brought clothes and I took mine and went to changed in the bathroom.  As I am changing in a stall I begin to hear explosions of gaseous shart sounds coming from next door.  It only took 3-4 seconds after, for the smell of what I would describe as morbid decay, to come creeping up and over, filling every inch of possible breathing space around me.  My appetite was ruined for a good 10 minutes but luckily I was able to recover before dinner.

Dinner was amazing! Very high class ambiance.  We had two personal servers who waited on our table.  The menu contained of amazing dishes from prime select cut meats to extremely fresh seafood.  I myself got the “special” menu called “The Vintner”.  The Vintner was a 5 course meal which could be paired with wine, which I decided to go with since this is the only place you can buy and drink alcohol at any Disney park.  My meal was so delicious and poignant.  And now I will go through the courses:

First Course:

A warm Spinach Salad, with bacon cooked Prosciutto in a light (and do I mean light) variation of Caesar Dressing.

Wine: Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand 2007

Second Course:

Extremely fresh portion of Pompano(fish) served with Israeli Couscous(which was soo delicious) in a Sun Dried Tomato sauce .

*Picture looked better before I devoured half of it

Wine: Clos Du Bois, Chardonnay Reserve, Russian River Valley 2007

Third Couse: (Main Course)

Fillet of Chateaubriand perfectly cooked medium rare served with a Leak Potato Puree and Garden Tomatoes and French Green Beans.

Wine: Wild Horse, Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, 2007 (was not too crazy about this one)

Bonus Main Course:

Everyone in the family had the Vintner so I was able to sample each of everyones different main course.

A Pacific King Salmon served in a Carrot Mango Jus with French Stewed Lentil.

Colorado Rack of Lamb prepared with a Horseradish Jus Sauce served with a Heirloom Carrots, Baked Spinach Crisps and a Yukon Gold Gratin.

Fourth Course:

* At this point I’ve had a beer and 4 glasses of wine, so I guess I was already getting tipsy and I completely forgot to take a picture of the fourth course.  Don’t worry you didnt miss much. It was 3 Cheese platter served with Baslamic Huckleberries.  Still delicious though.

Wine: Graffigna Centenaric, Malbec Reserve, Argentina 2007 (Wine definitely tasted better paired with the cheese, I do not recommend drinking with by itself.)

Fifth Course: (Desserts)

* So now at this point in the night I am really buzzed and cant remember the names of the actual dishes, so instead I will try to come up with a decent description of them.

A Baked Apple with a soft Breadcrumb bottom cooked in a miniature dutch oven.  Paired with Vanilla Ice Cream and a Creme Sauce which resembled the taste of a thinned out Ricotta cream found in a Cannoli.

Sweet Apple Crostini served with Vanilla Ice Cream

3 Gourmet Chocolate Plate, a Coffee and Chocolate Mouse, Chocolate Beignet with chocolate filling, and a Light Chocolate Cheesecake.

Wine: Bosc DLA REI, Moscato D’Asti, Italy 2008 (Delicious Moscato, probably the best I’ve ever tasted)

So now after stuffing my face silly, we decided to go to California Adventure.  I was especially excited because I heard good things about the Tron Electronica exhibit and the World of Color light show.  Walking through the park I was impressed with the overall light displays of the Tron exhibit.  There was some good electro beating music and a non alcoholic bar in the middle where you can buy flavored air or a glow in the dark martini.  The main dance area featured some pretty good looking Tron Olivia Wilde look alikes, and when I mean good I mean hot.  I made my way to the dance floor leaving my parents behind to get down Disney style.  Now I was really getting into the music and attracting a good crowd of girls who made their way over to dance.  We started dancing for awhile and I slowly began to notice how out of place I seemed.  Now, one thing you must remember is that dancing to electro at a Disney resort is nothing like going to a club and dancing there.  I look slowly start to look around me and come to the realization everyone around here probably fall under one of five of the following:

1) Hot College Girls

2) Pre-Teen to Barely Legal Girls

3) Pre-Teen to Barely Legal Girls’ Guy Friends

4) Creepy Dudes Looking to Score on Categories 2 and 3

5) Old People/Parents

Now completely aware of my surroundings, there were not too many Hot College Girls, a ton of the Pre-Teen to Barely Legal Girls, a handful of Pre-Teen to Barely Legal Girls’ Guy Friends, and a uncomfortable amount of Creepy Dudes Looking to Score on Categories 2 and 3.  The Old/People and parents just stood against the wall away from their kids trying to spot out category number 4’s.  Now aware I slowly backed my way out of there and found my family and told them “Lets leave, I’m so embarrassed”.  I also realized the so called DJ playing was just going through the motions like a DJ and while a playlist of songs loops over and over, all of which were probably pre approved to be played at a Disney facility.

Heres my footage of The Grid

Now onto World of Color.  Despite watching it from a shitty spot where we could barely see anything, the show was amazing!  Awesome water features pumping millions of gallons of water backed by amazing displays of Disney footage and lights.  All the songs that were played brought me to a happy sadness realizing how great Disney songs are and also how much funner this whole event would be if I could share it with a special someone.  Not to sound cheesy, but maybe it was all the couples snuggling together listening to the sounds theme songs of Up! and “A Whole New World” from Aladdin under the night sky.  Will you be the special someone who I can take to California Adventure and watch the World of Color light show?  All and all the overall the show was awesome, no complaints there.

Some of World of Color

Yeah thats right! Tomorrow I am going to the magical Club 33 at Disneyland.  The most exclusive club at Disneyland where you eat like kings and drink like Paz de la Huerta at the Golden Globes.  I absolutely cant wait to legally drink at Disneyland, its a major change from chugging beers and slamming back shots in the parking lot.  Besides the drinking, I am actually stoked to be there.  I haven’t been in almost 8 years or so.  I here there is a Tron exhibit, that might be cool and also I am really curious to see if “Its a small world” is still like riding through the dream of someone who just ate a bunch of shrooms.  All I know is I have to maintain some composure in front of my parents.  I am determined though to come home with a Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt and ears to match, count on that!

In other news.

Second day back at school and things couldn’t have been better.  More art classes, more really attractive art girls.  I met up with a friend to check out the farmers market which takes place every thursday on campus.  I got an awesome vegetarian chiabatta sandwich with roasted eggplant, yellow squash, spinach and two different aioli sauces, one chipotle the other cilantro.  It was delicious, I love food!

On my way home today I was listening to some Fenech-Soler,  a british electro band with good sounds.  One of their songs “Stop and Stare” came on shuffle and I forgot how awesome of a song it was.  I was so inspired I spent 2 hours once I got home to make an acoustic arrangement of the song.  So far I have a guitar part, light percussion, and possibly room for a melodica or another guitar to riff.  I plan on recording the song this weekend, so stay tuned.

Click the links, it took me like a whole 2 minutes to link them.

Oh and heres some Fenech-Soler… so imagine this acoustic.

So I am so sorry to the 5 people that actually follow my blog.  I have not posted in over a week, because I have been testing another blog hosting site, which failed terribly.  I am happy to let you know that much has happened in the last week or so. So allow me to catch you up.

In the blur of the past week or so I found myself getting really really drunk in PB, multiple nights in a row.  And to complement that, I had spent the night in peoples beds other than my own, multiple nights in a row.  Why this sudden urge of debauchery and drunk shenanigans? Well, for one drinks in PB are pretty cheap. Two, my friends and I love to get stupid with fellow PBers.  Three, PB girls are dumb.

So I am back at school.  Today I got dressed up real dashingly artsy like, which played out to my advantage today.  Hanging out around the art department at SDSU is pretty awesome. What you may not know is that SDSU has an plethora of attractive young ladies to offer, and do I mean a plethora.  Now combine that attractiveness with artsy, hipster like, glasses wearing type girl, you basically get the girls around the art department.  As I was getting my art locker I struck a conversation with a really nice artsy girl about my Keith Haring t-shirt, you know the one that has colorful stick figures dancing around.  Its best to say after that conversation, we will be hanging out again.  The best part about that encounter was that as I got to my next class I sat down and realized I had my long sleeve button up which I was wearing over the Keith Haring shirt was inside out, so much for first impressions.

Now besides that, I have been really focusing on my music lately. Now that I am fully equipped with 30 plastic keys and 1,000 presets of digital synths sounds of the 80’s, I could compare my playing as sweet as “spreading… apart”, if you really know me then you can fill in the rest of that quote.  Demo tracks coming soon.

So that brings me to my next train of thought.  Our projected band entitled, “Urban Campers“, was inspired by the time I spent living in downtown San Diego and enjoying the homeless people it had to offer.  Now if and say, my chronies and I somehow become this awesome electro, alternative or alteronica band which channels john mayer esq lyrics and bad mouths taylor swift, we would have to create an album.  In creating an album we would need an album cover, right?  Now my main idea for an album cover would be to get a homeless man to dress up pretty hipster like, but still grimy looking, put some sunglasses on him and stick a talk box in his mouth with a keyboard in front of him… so basically I would like to hire Ted Williams to put a talk box in his mouth dressed up like a hipster so I could take a picture of him for my band cover entitled “Urban Campers” which basically means derelict homeless people, thanks Ted.

In case you don’t know what a talk box is or Ted Williams see below.  Great voice Ted, great.

I forgot how this track managed to stumble onto my iphone, but I truly do enjoy it.  The electro sounds of their Casio synths paired by strange Sami or Norwegian lyrics brings me to a strange state of serenity and peace of mind.  But Casiokids make good foreign music that I have no damn idea of understanding check em out yo!

And since were rolling with this Norway theme why not a little bit of Beach Houses – Norway

SALAZAR is a film collective that produce some amazing videos for artistic direction, clothing companies, skate films and music videos.  The cinematography and direction in their videos are done really well.  I’ve posted below some of my favorite vids from them, but be sure to check out their website and Vimeo page. The videos are definitely worth your time  Especially check out their videos for all the seasonal clothing lines of Life Time Collective and skate film Wizard Smoke.

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